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  • All Types Of domestic and Industrial Water Purifiles 
  • Ro System
  • Godrej CCTv Camear , Video Door Phone 
  • Fire Alarm System etc.

Features For Ro

1. Removal of dissolved salts

Reverse osmosis can stably and effectively remove dissolved salts, dissolved organic substances (trihalomethane, its precursors, agricultural chemicals, etc.), and micro fine particles (living germs, dead germs, and many other micro fine particles) from water. Thus it is ideal for a wide area of applications ranging from production of ultra pure water to desalination of seawater.

2. Energy-saving separation technique

Reverse osmosis keeps water from evaporating, making it energy-saving separation technique th/?at requires less energy consumption.

3.Utilizable as a concentration and recovery method

Reverse osmosis does not need heating, it can concentrate and recover valuable process materials dissolved in a solution without any degradation which might otherwise occur in such materials.

4. Compact equipment

Modules can be arranged in a three dimensional configuration to provide excellent space efficiency, so the space needed for installation can be minimized.

5. Simple operation and control

Reverse osmosis is a simple process, its operation and control are uncomplicated, while maintenance is easy and free from trouble.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane

In a practical implementations of RO filtering, pressure is applied with an RO Process Pump. As permeate water is produced, the concentration of impurities on the feed water side builds up and can cause the membrane to scale up and quit working. To prevent this, a continuous flow of water running across the membrane helps remove rejected ions. This is called crossflow.

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